Duet 2 Wifi CLONE



Price:  $96.00 + $10 shipping

Use the PayPal Button below to purchase (Not the shopping cart).  Ships to USA PayPal verified addresses only excluding Hawaii, Alaska.  Shipped by USPS Priority Mail for $10 and will provide a tracking number.

The Duet 2 Wifi CLONE is a faithful reproduction under Opensource licensing terms.  It is built just like the original, so functions just like the original.

1 x Duet 2 WiFi V1.04 Clone
1x Micro SD Card with Latest Stable Firmware Pre-Loaded
1x USB Cable
10x jumper
1x 4pin plugs
1x 3pin plugs
1x 2pin plugs

We load the latest stable firmware version and quality test each board before shipping so you can get up and running quickly.

Online documentation for this controller is readily available.  Also, an online Configurator is available, which makes setup much easier.

Questions?  See the FAQ below or use the Contact form at the bottom of the page.  Thanks!

Q:  Should I actively cool the board?
A:  Yes.  While the board itself acts as a heat sink, it is a good idea to put a cooling fan pointed to the BACK of the controller to cool the drivers.  The drivers generate heat and the large PCB is designed to absorb and dissipate the heat.  Still, under heavy load the drivers may get hot.  We do NOT suggest to put heatsinks on the drivers since they can fall off and ruin the controller.

Q:  Where can I find documentation?
A: https://duet3d.dozuki.com There is an incredible amount of detailed documentation so please refer to this site as your main source of information.  Also, the online forum https://forum.duet3d.com is available for issues outside of the documentation.  Be sure to use the search feature and research yourself before asking questions on the forum.  There is a good chance your question has already been addressed.